Foster Provost


School of Business

Ira Rennert Professor of Entrepreneurship

Professor of Data Science

Professor of Information Systems

Paduano Fellow in Business Ethics (Emeritus)

Foster Provost

Research Interests

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science & Business Analytics
Crowdsourcing & Human-AI Loops
Advertising and Advertising Technology
(Social) Network Data


Professor Provost designs, builds, and studies AI, machine learning, and data science methods for business impact.   He has co-founded several successful startups, worked with companies large and small to design and align their AI/data science strategies, and has designed the detailed machine learning systems and processes for many high-impact products.


Professor Provost’s research has won numerous awards, has received substantial scholarly attention, and has been used broadly in industry.


Foster also has been teaching both the scientific and business perspectives on data science/AI/ML for over 25 years.  His book Data Science for Business may be the best-selling data science book of all time.


Foster currently is working full-time for the real-estate tech giant Compass, focusing on AI Strategy and machine learning science.


2020 ACM SIGKDD Test of Time Award


Best Student Paper Award Runner-up, WISE 2020


European Research Paper of the Year 2017 (awarded by AIS & CIONET – for a paper in MISQ)


Best Paper Award, Information Systems Research (2016)