Methods, Computer-Accessible Medium and Systems for Construction of and Interference with Networked Data, for example, in a Financial Setting

  • David Martens
  • Foster Provost

Networked data can, e.g., define connections between similar entities.  Such data can be valuable for, e.g., improving business revenue opportunities (e.g., increasing sales, reducing customer attrition/churn, etc.) as networked data can capture similarities that can be often hard to encapsulate in traditional variables such as, e.g., socio-demographics.  For example, related research has generally focused on the case where social network data was obtained directly or indirectly from online data, or from offline call logs in a telecommunication setting.  Results can be implemented when inferring the values of target variables over the networked data.  Methods, computer-accessible medium and systems according to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure for creating privacy friendly pseudo-social networked (PSN) data from off-line banking data can be provided.  Exemplary PSN in accordance with certain exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure can be used, e.g., for a variety of networked data-mining applications for banks and other financial institutions to increase revenue or manage risk, for example.